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To consistently deliver successful and cost-effective solutions, we provide the following advantages to our clients:

Extensive Technology Expertise

  • A track record of providing reliable IT services and software solutions since 1998.
  • Expertise and experience in a wide range of software development technologies, languages, and methodologies.
  • A neutral approach to technologies and vendors that ensures we develop and/or implement solutions that achieve our clients' particular goals and work within their existing environments.
  • Strategic partnerships that provide clients with faster time to market, improved maintenance and support, and lower total cost of ownership for industry-leading technologies.
  • A reusable component library utilized, where appropriate, to shorten the software development lifecycle.

Strong People and Process Infrastructure

  • A diverse team of consultants and technologists with an average of more than five years of relevant experience.
  • A proprietary process-centric methodology that ensures every project is conducted in a disciplined, structured, and consistent manner.
  • Rigorous project management processes that clearly define business and technical requirements, assign responsibilities, and outline a detailed implementation plan.
  • Risk management processes that minimize and mitigate anticipated and unforeseen project events.
  • Transition and approval processes that ensure deliverables meet client requirements, achieve client quality levels, and operate within client environments.
  • Knowledge transfer tools and processes that translate our team's intelligence, ability, and experience into our client's advantage.
Commitment to Value and Values
  • A focus on business fundamentals, sound operating procedures, and financial goals that we extend to our clients to help them achieve their business objectives.
  • Fixed-bid pricing based on an accurate assessment of project requirements, resources, and risks.
  • A value system and accountability measurement process that are founded on an unsurpassed commitment to exceeding client, user, and employee expectations.
  • A commitment to delivering every implementation on time, to plan, and within budget.
  • Aggressive delivery timelines that rapidly produce cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.
  • Clearly defined metrics to accurately gauge and assess a project's return on investment.
  • Ability to accommodate specific customer needs and invest time and resources to build long-term relationships.
Global Development, Local Service
  • Global operations with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Shanghai, and Bangalore.
  • A flexible work model able to blend onsite, onshore, and offshore resources.
  • A relay production process powered by facilities and resources in multiple time zones that reduces costs and provides high-quality solutions with faster time-to-market.
  • Fault-tolerant operations that ensure uninterrupted project support should one site experience unexpected or external disruptions.
  • Access to two of the fastest growing engineering and technology markets to enhance project scalability and widen range of expertise.
  • Size, agility, and flexibility that enable everse to provide premium customer service.
Emphasis on Communication and Collaboration
  • Problem solving and solution development based on cross-functional project teams and collaboration between everse and client experts.
  • Extensive experience working with multiple business units and complex corporate cultures to build complete enterprise solutions.
  • A client extranet that enables everse, its clients, and its partners to securely access and share project information and assets throughout an engagement.
  • Incorporation of feedback from client project surveys to continually improve processes and service levels.