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Customer Relationship Management

Often, companies turn to customer relationship management (CRM) to fight for market share, fundamentally changing the way they operate. To successfully gain a competitive advantage, enterprises must estimate requirements, evaluate their industry landscape, plan tactics, and execute CRM solutions deliberately and effectively.

A successful CRM strategy enables businesses to create an environment in which their organization's market position, message, and offerings are aligned with their customers' needs and expectations.

Business Challenges

The structural changes and degree of innovation required to successfully implement a CRM strategy demand management vision and involvement. The challenges facing organizations implementing CRM strategies include:

  • Striking a balance between technology and a human touch.
  • Personalizing services.
  • Assigning ownership and accountability for critical efforts.
  • Ensuring the privacy of information.

everse Solutions

The basis of everse's discovery-driven approach to CRM is the assumption that no one—neither everse nor our clients—knows whether, how, or to what degree customers will use a new or enhanced touchpoint. At everse, we work with our clients to understand and analyze the implications of planning CRM initiatives.

In developing a CRM strategy for a customer-focused organization, everse:

  • Defines customer touchpoints.
  • Identifies and eliminates gaps or holes in CRM processes.
  • Creates strategies to acquire new customers for new channels.
  • Develops a CRM framework to be integrated into existing enterprise systems.
  • Tests existing touchpoints.
  • Measures and improves returns per touchpoint.

everse's approach to CRM ensures key customer information is gathered and important uncertainties resolved before substantial commitments of time and capital are invested in executing a new strategy. To learn how everse can help you better understand your customers, develop tactics to address their needs, and create a sustainable and profitable revenue model around CRM, send us an e-mail.