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Technology Assessment & Planning

Successful enterprises strive to achieve the perfect balance between size, technological complexity, and operational sophistication. Once an organization has achieved this balance, the next step is to transform into an effective, empowered, and intelligent business. The key characteristics of this transformation are:

  • Completeness of vision.
  • Information networks that empower decisions.
  • A strategic focus on technology.
  • Technology adoption in the business community.

everse helps clients perform comprehensive planning of technology to create secure and adaptable platforms that facilitate business performance and growth. This enables organizations to better leverage technology to explore new business opportunities and support changes in strategic direction.

Business Challenges

Matching business objectives and technology solutions is an involved process for any organization. To create a technology architecture that will realize business goals successfully and cost-effectively, enterprises must address challenges including:

  • Prioritizing current and future business drivers.
  • Creating an information platform tied to the strategic intent of the business.
  • Facilitating timely information flow to information owners and decision-makers.
  • Positioning the architecture as a central reference point for business and technology leaders.
  • Identifying critical and supporting business applications.
  • Guiding technology adoption within the company's business community.
  • Building a sustainable architectural framework to support evolving business needs and technologies.

everse Solutions

everse helps companies translate their business requirements into a technology blueprint designed for flexibility, stability, and cost-effective performance. Key elements of everse Technology Assessment & Planning include:

  • Workshops for thought-synthesis and idea-generation.
  • Enterprise technology framework identification.
  • Technology vendor evaluation.
  • Technology adoption strategies.

everse Technology Assessment & Planning establishes a strategic focus on technology to enable timely, informed, and effective business decisions. To learn how everse can transform your organization into a more empowered and intelligent enterprise, send us an e-mail.