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Case Study: California Energy Connection

California Energy Connection

Engagement Summary

everse developed interactive energy consumption and cost applications to help small electricity consumers reduce consumption and improve efficiency. everse continues to enhance and maintain the applications to address consumer, industry, and regulatory needs.

Client Profile

Pursuant to a state assembly bill and a decision of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) administers California Energy Connection to help the state's small electricity customers reduce usage and costs and learn about the electricity market.

Business Challenges

PG&E needed to fulfill the requirements of a state assembly bill and a CPUC decision while addressing the needs of California energy customers. To do this, PG&E faced a number of challenges:

  • PG&E had to interpret the bill and decision appropriately to win approval and funding for the solution.
  • The initiative had no brand identity or market position to encourage use by target audiences.
  • There was no technology infrastructure in place to accommodate the current needs and future growth of the initiative.
  • The CPUC decision required PG&E to engage a third party to develop and program manage the project.
everse Solution

everse developed California Energy Connection using the assembly bill and the CPUC decision as guidelines and conducting focus groups to test and refine specific elements. everse:

  • Serves as an off-site program management office for all aspects of the project, including the evaluation, selection, and management of all third-party vendors and service level agreements.
  • Worked with PG&E to translate the bill and decision into a useful and accessible solution that won approval and funding.
  • Created an architecture and infrastructure to support current and future functionality.
  • Designed and developed applications including a usage analysis tool, rebate and rate finders, registration and login/logout applications, administration tools, and a campaign management application.
  • Integrated multiple third-party solutions into the solution.