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Enterprise Portal Services

The new business era has created an enormous volume of digital information. As today's businesses generate more and more data, organizing that information and making it available to key information owners is a strategic imperative. The best decisions require the most current and relevant information.

everse Enterprise Portal Services fuel enterprise innovation, responsiveness, and efficiency by identifying information owners, integrating workflows, creating knowledge caches, and organizing information for use by customers, employees, and partners.

Business Challenges

Finding contextually relevant content in vast quantities of data can be a difficult task for any organization. To extract, organize, and deliver the right information for the right people, an enterprise must address challenges including:

  • Creating user-friendly and experience-enhancing user interfaces.
  • Efficiently organizing information loads.
  • Streamlining business processes internally and externally.
  • Empowering more informed decision-making.
  • Extending organizations to the global community through the Internet.
  • Providing geographically neutral access to content, applications, and functionality.
  • Leveraging sophisticated search tools and taxonomy generators to empower effective navigation of distributed information.
  • Creating views that contextualize information based on individual preferences.
  • Creating and leveraging knowledge to improve productivity, skills, and resources.

everse Solutions

everse assesses portal opportunities based on our clients' desired business value and available resources. everse Enterprise Portal Services include:

  • Analysis and assessment of content sources and process information workflows.
  • Identification and segmentation of target users and key information points.
  • User interface and creative layout design.
  • Identification of information integration interfaces.
  • Design and development of related applications.
  • Content management.
  • Portal deployment over the Internet/private networks.
  • Integration with external applications and systems

To learn how everse Enterprise Portal Services can help you identify the critical information component of your decision-making processes and create a dynamic knowledge network, send us an e-mail.