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Application Design & Development

Translating technology innovation into business advantage is a challenging task for even the most forward-thinking organizations. everse's experience, alliances, and approach enable us to identify the best existing or evolving solutions for each client.

Based on our technical expertise, software development discipline, process-centric methodology, and feedback-oriented change management, everse's Application Design & Development services deliver timely and reliable solutions that provide substantial business value for our clients.

Business Challenges

Providing rapid delivery of functionality while minimizing project risk and cost is a difficult undertaking. To develop innovative applications that deliver substantial return on investment, an organization must address challenges including:

  • Managing budgets and risks.
  • Establishing a multi-vendor, cross-platform, open systems environment.
  • Planning, designing, building, testing, and implementing applications.
  • Seamlessly integrating applications with business processes and system environments.
  • Rapidly reengineering business processes and systems.
  • Facilitating mature, collaboration-oriented, quality-conscious project management.
  • Carefully managing requirements throughout the development lifecycle.
  • Utilizing pilot programs and prototyping for high impact and reduced risk.
  • Scaling resources to satisfy project requirements and meet aggressive deadlines.

everse Solutions

everse enables clients to quickly respond to business and system changes with high-quality applications. everse Application Design & Development includes:

  • Requirements management.
  • Collaborative quality and project planning.
  • Rapid and effective prototyping.
  • High-level design and technical architecture development.
  • Solution elaboration.
  • Interface/adapter definition and construction.
  • Requirements traceability.
  • Integration and regression testing.
  • Release transition management.
  • Knowledge transfer and user training.

To learn how everse Application Design & Development can be tailored to one, many, or all aspects of the overall application development process, send us an e-mail.