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Case Study: Southern California Edison

Southern California Edison

Engagement Summary

everse integrated more than 21 Southern California Edison Web sites into one cohesive utility information portal. The comprehensive and user-friendly portal addresses the expectations of the utility's multiple divisions and meets the needs of its residential and business customers.

Client Profile

Southern California Edison (SCE) provides power for 11 million individuals, 800 communities and cities, 5,000 large businesses, and 280,000 small businesses in central and southern California.

Business Challenges

SCE's online presence was spread over 4 primary and 17 affiliate Web sites. In integrating the sites into one cohesive portal, SCE faced a number of challenges:

  • SCE's multiple divisions had differing goals and expectations for the new portal.
  • The portal had to satisfy the diverse needs of the previously separate sites' audiences.
  • The previous sites presented an inconsistent company voice and image to users.
everse Solution

everse created a comprehensive and user-friendly utility information portal that satisfies the expectations of SCE's multiple divisions and meets the needs of its residential and business customers. everse:

  • Defined expectations, prioritized goals, and created a strategy for the portal based on interviews with more than 50 SCE project stakeholders.
  • Developed an information architecture, navigation system, and user interface that leverage SCE's brand identity, promote its different divisions, and facilitate easy access to information.
  • Used customized scripts to re-purpose content on multiple pages and expedite content management.
  • Conducted knowledge transfer with more than a dozen SCE content owners to facilitate ongoing updates to the portal.